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Electric Heaters

Electric fan Heaters. Most have variable heat settings with thermostat control, some with fan only option. A totally dry heat with no condensation, no gas, no fumes, so no smell. Ideal for office space and small workshops.

Arcotherm Electric Heaters

Arcotherm space heater of the EK-C range provide immediate and clean heat The ideal heating solution for all environments where diesel, methane and LPG cannot be used.

Sealey electric and diesel infrared heaters. These produce radiant heat which heats surfaces which it falls on and is relatively unaffected by air movements.

SEALEY electric fan heaters ideal for a range of applications including; industrial, home, office, workshops and garages

SIP Electric heaters are suitable for commercial or domestic use. heats objects rather than air. Great for spot heating objects or people. No fan or other moving parts gives greater reliability and ideal for dusty environments.

The Blue Giant Series has become the industry standard over the last few years and can be found in many of the continents most established hire fleets.

When large quantities of portable heat are required the Super Giant Series is without pier.

These heaters are designed with affordability in mind this range is ideally suited to light industrial applications such as small warehouses and industrial units.

Electric fan heaters are highly efficient devices widely used in variety of applications. They provide clean, fast and safe heating. Electric heaters are ideal for temporary or emergency heating as they are easy to use and fully portable. Master electric heaters use only certified top quality components, which ensures their reliability and efficiency.