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Diesel Space Heaters

Diesel heaters are a great source of heat in any location, complete with integral fuel tanks and with wheels on most models, they are very protable and easy to move around. They are designed for use in many areas, from small garages or workshops to large warehouses, they are also great for industrial or even building applications.

Direct diesel heaters from SIP. Ranging from 50k - 215k BTU. Finished in orange paint or stainless steel for long unit life. Some models have built-In thermostats, digital displays and wheel kits
These heaters run on paraffin, kerosene or diesel

SEALEY range of direct diesel heaters represent excellent value for money. Ranging from 51k - 210k BTU.
These heaters run on paraffin, kerosene or diesel

Arcotherm Direct Diesel Heaters

Arcotherm's GE Range of direct combustion mobile space heaters offer maximum performance with minimum consumption. These heaters provide economical heat and are suitable for all uses.
These heaters run on diesel or kerosene.

Direct oil heaters are highly efficient devices that provide large volumes of instant heat where it is required. They are best for open or well ventilated areas like factories, warehouses or construction sites. Master direct heaters are known as very efficient and robust as well as safe and easy in use.
These heaters run on diesel or kerosene.